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      Albert K Chin, MD


Chief Innovation Officer

        Ashlee Francis


Commercialized 13 medical device inventions

216 Issued U.S. Patents


MIT/Stanford/UCSF. Founder: Origin Medsystems (Acq. Eli Lilly), InnoVein, Saphena Medical, TAS Medical, Cruzar Medsystems, PercAssist.

Participated over $100 Million financing in medical device investment


Investments include multiple exits to IPO + top medical device companies (e.g. Stryker)

Co-founder, DexSono Medical


     Peijie Cao, Ph.D.,


Malcolm Munro, M.D.

     Clinical Advisor

Jessica Grossman, M.D.

       Clinical Advisor

Founder, Biosono, Inc. Dexsono Medical

Co-founder of a publicly traded company

Awardee of NIH SBIR grant

Boston Scientific

Clinical Professor at UCLA

Chair of the FIGO Menstrual Disorders Committee

Head of F1000 Prime Faculty for Menstrual Disorders and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Seasoned industry  executive with a proven track record leading successful women’s health companies.

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